Online Poker in Canada

Welcome to! Here we provide you with answers and directions to all the poker sites that dominate the global market, with special favours to residents of Canada (stick around to find out what those are).
We’ll start with a little bit of history: The Poker Boom of 2003 also saw an explosion in online poker around the world, and Canadian poker players reaped the benefits from the new medium for the game. In the early days of online poker, there were a limited number of sites that one could trust. There were regularly reports of sites either going out of business, closing down without repaying players and sometimes both.

In time, citizens started to demand that their online poker products meet a higher standard and sites that were properly licensed and regulated were able to meet these needs. The global standard changed further after the events of Black Friday in the United States in 2011. Full Tilt and Absolute Poker went out of business and online poker licensing and regulation was no longer a luxury but a requirement.

InternetPokerCanada.Ca exists as a resource to provide players with news and information on Canadian online poker sites. Here you will find reviews, bonus codes, poker app reviews and all the information necessary to make wise decisions in choosing an online poker site.
Online poker is no longer the “Wild, Wild West” of the early 2000’s. The industry has grown and many sites have become properly regulated and licensed in order to protect their citizens. We will provide you information on which sites you should play so you can avoid the pitfalls many experienced in the past.

We urge that you bookmark this site and refer back often as we intend to regularly update with the latest in Canadian online poker news.

Is Online Poker Legal in Canada?

Online poker in Canada is actually in a bit of a legal grey area. Matters pertaining to online gambling are handled in each individual province as opposed to the federal level. This is similar to the current state of online gambling in the United States.

Presently, it is illegal to operate an online gambling site in Canada. You may ask then how we can review Canadian poker sites if it is illegal to operate online poker in the country. While it is illegal to operate an online poker site, there are no laws prohibiting Canadian citizens from playing online poker. As such, the best poker sites for Canadians are physically located in other countries.

You’re now probably wondering if playing poker in Canada is safe. We can tell you that a majority of sites that are offering online poker to Canadian citizens are licensed and regulated by a major, legitimate organization that regularly monitors the sites for fair play.

It is important that the site you play at is licensed and regulated. When you play on sites that are not regulated, you are putting your funds at risk with little or no legal protection from unscrupulous sites.

You may remember sites such as UltimateBet, Absolute Poker, Lock Poker and the old Full Tilt Poker. All of those sites ran unregulated and when each went out of business, players were unable to recoup their lost bankrolls. Full Tilt Poker squandered nearly $400 million in funds from players worldwide. Players were only repaid after PokerStars purchased the company and agreed to make things right.

Regulated and licensed sites are operated by legitimate organization and regulators with the experience necessary to ensure that players are protected. Such sites must adhere to strict regulations, segregate player funds and regularly go through reviews to ensure that they consistently meet standards set by regulators.

Fortunately, many of the major sites that offer online poker in Canada are licensed and regulated. This allows Canadians to play online poker without fear of losing their bankrolls or having to face a situation like America’s Black Friday of 2011.

How We Reviewed the Best Canadian Online Poker Sites

We recommend that you always research every online poker site you’re considering making a deposit at. In addition, we urge that you use multiple sources for your research. Most online poker sites are affiliates with online poker rooms and are more concerned with you signing up for a site than providing an honest opinion.

Our Canadian poker site reviews are based on several criteria and compiled by experienced online poker player that know what to look for. Here are some of the criteria we use to determine the best poker sites for Canadian:

  • Years in Existence – We tend to shy away from most online poker rooms that have been open less than five years. Older sites have grown with the industry and have stayed ahead of changes to retain their customers.
  • Reputation – What is the historic reputation for your online poker site? Have there been any scandals involving cheating, not paying players or other significant issues. Also, is the site regulated and licensed?
  • Traffic – This one is obvious. You want online poker sites with plenty of traffic so that you have a chance to make money and grow your bankroll. Higher traffic sites also have higher tournament guarantees.
  • Mobile Friendliness – Sites that have kept up to date with mobile technology are typically among the best sites. That means they have invested time and money into the product rather than relying on their past successes.
  • Promotions and Bonuses – Online poker rooms need to offer solid promotions and poker bonuses to attract new players and to retain old players. Players want to be rewarded and the best sites reward their players generously.
  • Customer Service – The best online poker sites have multiple forms of support and have client support that is efficient and speedy. Live chat and phone support are two options that set the best sites apart from other poker clients.