What Are the Best Poker Apps in Canada Today?

As mobile gaming exploded, online poker players required that their favorite sites provide them the means to play their favorite games on their smartphones, tablets and Android devices. Progress towards this end was slow, but over the last couple of years many of poker’s top online poker sites have developed real money poker apps for those wanting to take their game on the road.

PokerStars offers players the chance to play their favorites games on iOS and Android devices. The PokerStars client has most of the features of the standard PC client, including the ability to multi-table. One option you will find on PokerStars that’s not on other apps is the ability to fund your account directly from the app.

The Full Tilt mobile app is also available for iOS and Android and allows players to play in real money cash games, Sit and Gos and in Jackpot Sit and Go tournaments. The 888 Poker app allows you to play cash games, Sit and Go tournaments and standard real money online poker tournaments from your iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

PartyPoker offers two separate apps for mobile users. The partypoker app is available for iOS, Android and Windows phones. This app gives you many of the standard features available on the PC client. For fans of fastforward poker, try PartyPoker’s fastforward app. Presently just available on iOS and Android phones, the fastfoward app lets you play fastforward cash games from your device.

To learn more about the features your favorite mobile poker app, head to your poker room’s website and click on their mobile link.

PokerStars Mobile vs. 888 Poker App

It’s no secret that the top two online poker sites in the world are PokerStars and 888 Poker. As such, their mobile poker apps are among the most popular in the world.

The PokerStars Mobile App is the standard that most sites look to when designing their mobile client. PokerStars players notice very little difference in the overall quality of game play outside of the limitations presented on a smaller screen. Below we take a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of playing on the PokerStars Mobile App.

Advantages to Playing the PokerStars Mobile App:

  • User-friendly lobby with easy to find games
  • Players can play in all the same games as the PC client and share the same player pools. This includes multi-table tournaments and Zoom Poker.
  • Excellent game play on WiFI
  • Multi-tabling capability with easy switching between tables
  • RSA security tokens compatible with mobile devices

Disadvantages to Playing on PokerStars App

  • Cashier only available on Android devices. Android clients can deposit funds only.
  • Multi-tabling limited to four or five tables and that’s if you have a tablet.
  • App will disconnect you if you talk on the phone.
  • You cannot change your account settings through the mobile app.

The 888 Poker App is a solid alternative to the PokerStars mobile app, but it may not be for all players. It appears that the designers setup this app more for casual or recreational players than for serious players. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of the 888 Poker App.

Advantages to Playing the 888 Poker App:

  • User-friendly lobby with simple navigation
  • Players can access cash games, sit and gos and multi-table tournaments
  • Oversized buttons and bet sliders allow for quick game play
  • Fully functional web cashier

Disadvantages to Playing the 888 Poker App

  • Game selection is limited. You do not have access to all the same games as those on the standard PC client.
  • Unable to multi-table.
  • Player search is unavailable on mobile app.

If we had to choose one app over the other, it would be the PokerStars mobile app based on the additional features that it offers. However, both clients offer a solid mobile poker experience and are worth downloading to your mobile device.